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Becky Rooke & Sean Rooke  - Certified Animal Behavioral Consultant, Trade Instructors, Certified Dog Trainers, Master Pet Groomer since 1997
Award Winner 2016, 2017 & 2018
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Veterinary Endorsement
Anna Ziedins DVM, VCA Amimal Medical Hospital
I have practiced for 16 years in the Sacramento Region as a small animal veterinarian and have yet to find a better dog behaviorist and trainer than Rebecca (Becky) Rooke of Sac Dog Central.

She is a top-notch trainer and certified animal behaviorist who gets results fast. She is my #1 choice for referrals. Rebecca has literally transformed the lives of dozens of my clients. From fearful puppies and ďout of control ďadolescents, to new dog rescues with behavioral problems such as leash aggression and resource guarding, Rebecca will find a solution that works. Her training approach is vastly different from other trainers Iíve worked with, the key to her success is showing our clients that there is a better way to communicate with our pets. Setting up a solid foundation of good communication (often non-verbal) between dog and owner is critical for any successful training to occur.

She educates and empowers her clients, leaving the family with a happier, calmer dog who understands the rules and boundaries of the house. Please consider her for all your professional behavior consultation and dog training needs!      

Anna Ziedins - DVM, Medical Director - VCA Animal Medical Hospital.

Becky's ability to work with shy, fearful, or stressed animals  has been a tremendous value to my clients . Bonus is she's also an amazing groomer. Great one on one work with my adopted fearful FILA!
- Michelle Rivera - DVM

I have been extremely happy with Becky's training and her ability to help owners understand the importance of having a well mannered canine citizen. I have also seen her successfully turn an aggressive dog with bite history, into a charming well behaved angel. If you want your dog trained right, I only recommend Rebecca and Sac Dog Central.
-Starr Craft - business owner; Dogs life boarding at the pug ranch. Rio Linda, CA

Becky Rooke has an extensive background in animal behavior, and is eager to teach those committed and dedicated to putting in the work required to change your dog's behavior. I'm excited and look forward to this experience! Her advice worked like a charm on my baby girl dog.
-Kathy Freeman - Client

I went through the dog training program here, and Becky is a miracle worker. Very knowledgeable and experienced in what she does. Wether you're looking to get your dog trained, or groomed, she knows what she's doing, and is worth MORE than what she charges.
-Crin Long - Student
Rebecca Rooke is a phenomenal trainer's trainer and dog trainer. She trained both of my dogs. She also grooms them. I highly recommend Rebecca at Sac Dog Central for training and grooming.
- Caryl Butcher - Client

I heard about Becky through my vet 5 years ago. I was in an accident and was having difficulty with my German Shorthair. He became increasing protective and aggressive towards my two labs that also shared the household.

She came to my house and observed the interaction between them all. She then set up a plan with me to work with my shorthair and my yellow lab Buzz.

Buzz was the one being attacked constantly by my GSP. Through coaching and education from Becky, it took us all about a month to be proper educated to a happy cohesive household again.

I have referred several friends and used her services again with my new puppies. She has a great interaction and training class for puppies as young as 10 weeks old. Watching them interact and bond with other pups is awesome to see! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.
-Larry Leidelmeyer - Client
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