Nobody wants to be told their dog is fat.

As humans, we've wrapped food around emotions like love, caring, support and belonging. Yes, most dogs love treats and smile when you hand them out like candy. But that doesn't mean they love you more.  It means they love your food. Loving your dog too much in this way puts her health at risk. 

Obesity is tied to many painful, and avoidable consequences like:
Get the whole family on the same page about when and how much your dog eats
Keep track of exactly how much your dog eats in a day (hint: treats are often a problem)
Exercise your dog safely using our pool and exercise equipment
Keep a weekly log of your dog's progress
Understand the value of fruits and vegetables as treats
Joint, bone, and ligament damage
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Decreased liver function
Heat intolerance
Reduced lifespan and more
We can help you turn it around!
Our program is intended to complement your veterinarian's medical management of obesity. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and consistent means of exercise in addition to the nutritional and medical care your dog is already receiving from your veterinarian.

We can show you how to: