Sometimes finding a way to provide physical activity for our dogs becomes difficult due to our work schedules, life, the weather, or maybe you have some physical restrictions that limit your own ability of exercising your dog. Teaching your dog how to exercise on a treadmill can be a way to solve these issues.

Treadmill training can help your dog to build stamina, keep tone, or even loose a few extra pounds. It can also be a very helpful training tool for the dog who lacks impulse control. For those driven dogs who seem to have endless amounts of energy, training can become a real challenge as they also tend to have a tougher time focusing/staying on task. Utilizing the treadmill to burn off a bit of excess energy prior any obedience or behavior training session can make a real difference.
We will work at your dog’s pace.
Our goal is that your dog feels comfortable and confidant working around and on the equipment.
Our priority is safety, while also fostering a relationship of trust and understanding with your dog. Typically, we see dogs acclimate to the treadmill within a few short sessions. However, every dog is different, while some dogs happily take to the treadmill on their first try, others might need more encouragement and time to build confidence being around the moving machine.

Introductory special $150. for three sessions.
Call to schedule (916) 238-4594
Additional sessions:
with trainer - $25.  |  on your own - $15.
Add the treadmill to your regular training routine.
Once you and your dog become familiar with our equipment, we can help you customize a program for use at home or you can continue using our equipment.

A sign up sheet is available on a first come basis for use during open gym times. Use by itself, or add to our other gym, swim, or training programs.  (
Monthly membership options are coming soon)