Learn how to find balance between rewarding and encouraging good choices while discouraging poor choices without the use of harsh or damaging methods. In order to create a well-balanced dog a clear line of communication and understanding needs to be established. The techniques we use to teach are based on relationship and communication building between the dog and their person.

This is why we offer human-based education foremost. We teach you how to teach your dog in a way that builds leadership, trust, and understanding.

Learn how you can build a relationship that makes training enjoyable and fun for both you and your dog. To get started contact our office today!
Not just any trainer

Rebecca Brackney is a certified animal behavior consultant, master groomer, and trade instructor specializing in the behavior modification and rehabilitation of canines.

Currently her sole focus is building her Academy & Learning Center where she works with dogs and their people. Her experience includes large and small animals, wildlife, and some exotic species.
We offer a comprehensive and practical approach to dog training.
Understanding that not just one method may apply to any one dog or person, and by knowing that everyone learns differently, we work to reach each individual's goal by offering a variety of training options.

The key to learning success = Clear Communication
Learn about the 5 steps it takes to create the dog of your dreams
Students Christy & Gianna
Rebecca's Border Collie Jet & the Doggie Fun Zone Course at a vending event
Rebecca Brackney with Chief
Students Christy & Gianna with Rebecca Brackney