Learning Center - General Rules
Vaccinations/Titers:  For the safety of all dogs visiting our facility, all dogs must be vaccinated or titered for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, parainfluenza (DA2P or DHPP), Bordetella (kennel cough) We recommend that you discuss the risks of vaccinations with your veterinarian.
Manners: You are responsible for your dog and his behavior while in the facility, including your dog's interaction with other dogs. Please pay attention to your dog at all times, especially in or around the pool.
Sign In:  Remember to sign in at the front desk so we know you're here!
We'll Let You In: Please do not enter the gated pool area without permission.
Loose dog: Center dogs or dogs in training may be loose on potty breaks or in a training session. Please wait until your trainer asks you to enter with your dog.
Leash your dog: We are an on-leash facility, unless a trainer tells you otherwise dogs must be leashed at all times outside the gated pool area.
Children:  All children must be accompanied and controlled by an adult always. No kids or adults in the pool.  Dogs and staff/trainer only, please. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this one.
Aggression:  We reserve the right to remove aggressive dogs and humans from the premises
Snacks & Drinks: Please, No food, or drinks in the pool area. Food/treats and snacks may be brought into the training room. We ask that you are careful about spills. Drinks should have caps, NO GLASS. Food items should be kept out of reach of dogs. Some dogs have serrious sensitivities or allergies.
Incontinence:  Incontinent dogs are not permitted in pool for health reasons.
Pool Admittance: If your dog is healthy (no lameness, weakness or other physical issues) they are eligible for recreational swimming. If your dog has had surgery within the last eight months, has mobility issues, heart condition, breathing issues, or other health issues, you will need clearance from your veterinarian prior to swimming at our facility. This is for your dog's safety. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether your dog is eligible.
Keep it calm: No running by humans or dogs, on deck or around pool. Dogs need to be calm and on leash unless they are in the pool.
Feeding: Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or after swimming.
Potty Breaks and accidents:  All dogs must visit the relief area prior to entering the pool. No exceptions. You must take your dog out to the relief area before entering the pool, and every 10 - 15 minutes while swimming. All pool sessions will be with a trainer, however there are times we might need to leave the area. Please let us know if there is an accident in the pool (pee/poop/vomit) so we can address it quickly. For obvious health reasons, repeated accidents in the pool will result in a pool ban for your dog.
Pushing:  We want to foster trust and build confidence, so there will be No throwing or pushing dogs in the pool.  You will be asked to leave immediately.
Dog Wash:  Baths and grooming are separate services. Availability is by appointment, and must be pre-scheduled with our grooming salon. If your dog is especially dirty, please bathe your dog prior visiting our facility. Rinsing them prior their swim is not the same as washing, dirty dogs will not be admitted to the pool.
Shut the Gates:  Please keep the gates in the facility closed. They can only do their job if they're closed and latched.  No need to slam, though.
It's Our Facility, Equipment, and Pool:  Safety is our priority. If we ask you to do something, please comply. We don't make stuff up for the heck of it.
Remember, you are completely responsible for the care, conduct and actions of your dog during your time at the center. Be a good advocate for them and only put them in situations they can handle.