Private lessons are ideal to maximize your dog’s training results. This is where we work directly with you, the dog's owner, to teach you how to train your dog. Customized private lessons are conducted at our training center and last approximately 60 minutes each. In contrast to traditional group classes, our focus is solely on you and your dog.

Training is customized to target the skills and behaviors that are most important to you. Each session is conducted one-on-one with an experienced trainer, providing an optimal learning environment. Establishing a solid foundation is key in developing a balanced and well-mannered dog.
Private lessons are your time, and allows for you to work with one or multiple dogs within your scheduled session time. Family members and children are welcome to attend and join in your private sessions as long as they are not disruptive.
Private sessions are not limited and can be used successfully to help dogs with various behavior issues such as learning how to enjoy going into their crate, being calm about getting their nails clipped, and much more.
Dogs (and their humans) learn best when given structure and consistency. All training sessions must be pre-scheduled with a trainer.
Sessions are to be used on a continuous basis, once weekly or more often.
Single Sessions:

Individual Private Session - $100 (1 hour)
Lessons are customized to fit your specific goals. Single lessons are best used to help students who need some extra coaching outside of group class to solidify a single behavior, or help with the mechanics and proper use of the training tools, body positioning and/or timing issues.

3 private Sessions -  $300
Typically more sessions are necessary to solidify foundation training prior being accepted into our maintenance group courses. However, some dogs and owners may just need a few sessions for honing these skills, or you might need a little more help outside of our group classes.

6 private training lessons $550
This package is for those who would like to work on minor behavior issues and manners or focus on solidifying 1-3 obedience commands. We will target the training for your specific needs and efficiently correct problem areas.
*All session time is scheduled in advance and requires payment in full at time of booking to hold dates.
*Prices do not include training equipment. Basic training collars start at $25.00. For off-leash training and certain behavior problems, low level remote training collars are recommended. We only use top-of-the-line-collars which range in price from $199 - $299
Unsure where to start?
Email: sacdogcentral @, call or TEXT us at. (916) 238-4594 to schedule a
placement assessment with our certified training staff so that we may properly evaluate you and your dogs needs.
Private 1-on-1 Training Sessions
Pay Online - Then contact us to schedule your combination package
by email: sacdogcentral @ gmail .com,  or text us at (916) 238-4594

Combo Package - $700 ($50 savings!)
6 private lessons
(Typical session is approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length, no more than 1 hour)
+ 6 weeks basic obedience group classes (6 sessions approximately 1-hour long class per week)

Best of Both Private & Group Instruction
Get started with private instruction in six one on one sessions. As you work through the training, your instructor will help you to build good behaviors with the goal of attending our basic group class.

If we feel you and your dog is not quite ready to attend a group class at the end of your 6 private sessions, we will bump you to the next group class, allowing you the extra time to practice the good behaviors you learned during your private sessions.