Swimming is considered a low impact exercise that is easier on the joints and a wonderful way to keep your dog in top shape. Wither your dog needs to loose a few pounds, strengthen or relax muscles, burn off some excessive energy, or could use some confidence building, swimming can be a great way to connect with your dog.

The pools resistance jets can be  turned off, or turned on and dialed up in small increments to match your dogs stamina, increasing the difficulty of training as they become better and stronger swimmers.

Introduction to water
If your dog has never experienced swimming, or is fearful of water then our introduction to water program is the perfect place to start.

We want to make sure your dog's first swim is a productive experience. We will get you and your dog acquainted with the pool, the rules and safety precautions. We also want to make sure your dog can swim and if not, we will fit them for a life jacket.

Flotation jackets for on-site use are available, however for extreme sizes, (dogs under 6 pounds, or over 100 pounds) you will need to provide your own that are properly fit to your dog.
Towel service is included in the cost of each session.  To keep our pool  filter from working overtime, we offer a pre-rinse station before letting your dog into the pool, were we can fit your dog for a flotation vest at the same time. We take safety serious, and have put together a list of pool rules that must be followed, there are no exceptions to this. Please read the list of our POOL RULES

We will not force your dog into the water.
For some dogs, this is a slow process. For new and inexperienced swimmers, we'll take it at their pace.  In some cases, this may mean your dog doesn't get into the water. By encouraging and teaching fun cooperative games over a series of sessions we will work to build a positive experience around water. Please be patient with your dog (and us!)

All swim sessions are by appointment only.
We will introduce your dog to water in the calm of a private session.
Multiple dogs (up to 3) are welcome, however additional per-dog rates apply and must be pre-scheduled. Puppies who are fully vaccinated (including Rabies) are welcome to swim. All dogs must have proof of core vaccinations (DA2P or DHPP), Rabies, and boardatella. Please bring those to your first swim, or visit to our facility.

Sign up online or give us a call at (916) 238-4594 to schedule your dog's swim time today!

Swim for fun & fitness
Our indoor warm water resistance pool is specifically designed just for dogs, and can be used year round.