Keeping your dog fit while having fun!

Help your dog maintain the balance, flexibility, strength and endurance to stay healthy and happy.
Whether your dog is a companion pet, canine athlete, star of the conformation ring or your hiking buddy, exercise and conditioning will make a difference in his quality of life.
Initial Gym Session Required for anyone who wishes to use the exercise/conditioning equipment. We'll introduce you and your dog to the equipment, its uses, safety precautions and proper use.
Our Introduction to Equipment class also fulfills this requirement.
Please call to schedule.

Private Fitness Training Need some help working with your dog? Not sure which exercises are right for your dog? Schedule a private session and we'll teach you proper technique, safe use of the equipment and how to recognize when your dog is ready for another challenge.
Fitness Classes *See Calendar for course schedules

Fit Class is held once weekly  A great place to try new exercises and learn new pieces of equipment. Each class will focus on one or two exercises or muscle groups to be worked. Short and sweet, these classes are perfect way to engage your dog's mind and body.
60-minute session, $60.
Private Fitness Training 4-Pack, $220.
Customized Fitness Plan, $100
Customized Fitness Program, $300
(includes a fitness plan and 4 training sessions)
30-minute session, $25
Scheduling Gym Sessions NOW! contact us to enroll