Group Obedience Courses
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Before signing up with a group class please schedule a placement (assessment) so we may properly evaluate what class your dog should be in. This is a FREE service, which ensures we know how to best work with you and your dog.
Text is the fastest way to reach us (to schedule (916) 238-4594 or email us sacdogcentral@

Group classes are a cost-effective way to maintain your training, providing more sessions for less money.
Our classes teach you how to build communication between you and your dog so that you can teach them the behaviors you want, while building a relationship/partnership with your dog.

The basic course teaches a foundation to training with your dog, and the advanced courses build on that foundation. Training exercises in the group courses are designed to teach your dog how to pay attention to you in the face of real world distractions.
Building a partnership with your dog
Engagement Skills
Managment tools for unwanted behaviors
Foundation obedience
Come, Targeting, Leash maners, Sit, Down, and more...
Crate Training
In this course, you may work towards taking the
AKC Canine Good Citizenship test
or dogs under 1 year, AKC PUPPY
There is a $10.00 additional testing fee.
*Pre-registration is required, so that we can schedule time for your test.
Duration - how long behavior is preformed
Distance - how far away you can get while the behavior is being preformed
Distractions - elements outside of the person asking the dog to do a behavior
Pay now online - Then contact us to schedule your combination package
by email: sacdogcentral @ gmail .com,  or text us at (916) 238-4594

Combo Package - $700 ($50 savings!)
6 private lessons
(Typical session is approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length, no more than 1 hour)
+ 6 weeks basic obedience group classes (6 sessions approximately 1-hour long class per week)

Best of Both Private & Group Instruction
Get started with private instruction in six one on one sessions. As you work through the training, your instructor will help you to build good behaviors with the goal of attending our basic group class.

If we feel you and your dog is not quite ready to attend a group class at the end of your 6 private sessions, we will bump you to the next group class, allowing you the extra time to practice the good behaviors you learned during your private sessions. 

B2 -  Basic TWO Foundation
6-week course (all weeks w/ dog) - $200.00

Build on what is learned in the basic class through duration, distance, and distraction
B1 - Basic ONE Foundation
6-week course (5 weeks w/ dog, 1st week w/o dog) - $200.00

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