The Boot Camp program allows our professional trainers to develop a specific, customized training program unique to each dog. That includes exposure to other well-minded dogs, people and other environments. This is critical to behavioral modification cases.
Dogs are immersed in a unique home-like training environment. Specifically set up for dogs, where we can encourage calmness and good behavior around other dogs, people, and distractions.
Experience accelerated learning. Your dog will be living with their very own personal coach, receiving several hours of hands-on training and attention each day and throughout the evening. Enjoy the benefits of a well-trained dog without interruptions to your busy schedule. 
BOOT CAMP (board & train programs)
All our Boot Camp programs include:
Daily One-on-One training sessions with a professional who will work on encouraging and building life skills, good manners, and foundation obedience behaviors.
An environment specifically set up to encourage success in teaching wanted behaviors, and help manage or discourage any unwanted behavior.
A dog friendly structured environment that lends for exposure to multiple social situations, encouraging healthy social development with other well minded dogs and people.
Age appropriate house manners such as learning how to be calm inside and not destructive, sitting patiently and asking before being let out a door.
Engagement - Attention is the foundation behavior that all other behavior is built from. If your dog is not interested in showing up to learn, it makes teaching much more difficult.
A free in-depth assessment. Our initial meeting with you and your dog will help us set clear goals for training.
FOUR WEEKS  -  $2,380.00  ($85.00 per date)

Our four week program is designed for dogs with normal or mild behavior issues (i.e. jumping, play-biting, barking, etc.). This program can benefit busy families who would want a well-behaved dog. We focus on building a solid foundation in obedience and improve on critical life and social skills.  

In addition to the above we include:
Teaching up to three foundation behaviors (i.e. walking on lose leash, sit, asking behaviors, etc.) that are productive to your needs. We will go over these options during our free initial assessment.
Off leash work can be introduced with the proper training tools.
Environmental distractions are added in a safe environment. Training outside our facility to proof behaviors can be arranged, depending on each individual situation. 
SIX WEEKS  -  $3,570.00  ($85.00 per date)

Our six week program is designed for dogs with extreme behavior issues (i.e. aggression, anxiety, lack of impulse control, etc.). It includes everything present in our four week program.
We can work on correcting severe behavior difficulties, in addition to age appropriate behaviors. We modify behaviors and counter condition the dogs.
If time allows we can teach some foundational behaviors as well as off leash training
Additional weeks
We offer additional weeks for dogs who have already been through our 6 week program.

This is a great option for dogs that need a refresher on a specific behavior, or for clients who need a structured and familiar place for their dog to stay when concerned about training or behaviors that could be adversely affected if placed in an alternative boarding situation.

Additional week $525.00 
($75.00 per date - minimum one week stay)
Benefits to board and train programs:
Training is an ongoing process
Maintaining a training program should become an easy  part of your everyday lifestyle, and we want to help you do just that. To ensure lasting success with the training your dog will receive we know it is vital you learn too. We encourage clients to continue their learning by adding some private or a group course to their package.

Our Boot Camp programs include two sessions for transition your dog back to your home and lifestyle.
This training is to help you learn how to maintain the behaviors your dog is taught during their stay with us.
The fast track to training your dog!

Your dog will receive individual attention and training throughout each day by our professional staff. Our goal is to take the hard part out of training your dog and solving problem behaviors. Most importantly we want to educate you along the way, because we believe that good dogs do not just happen, they are created by time, commitment, and the consistency you put into them.