During this 30-minute session we will observe your dog and ask you questions, playing detective so to speak. This will help us to understand where you and your dog are at with training, or the degree of your dog's behavior issues, allowing us to make suggestions on a training program that will fit best for both you and your dog.

Categories we use to find your dogs skill levels
There is no pass or fail to this assessment. The initial assessment will help us understand your dog’s abilities and/or issues better. After the assessment, we will have a good idea of where the training start point should begin and can start helping you to build a training plan. We can briefly go over our training options with you at that time.


Dogs who are displaying mild to extreme behaviors may need intervention that calls for variable degrees of counter conditioning of those unwanted behaviors, or may need confidence building before we are able to begin training for obedience behaviors or install simple basic manners. While we offer a variety of training options, our boot camp program (board and train) is our fastest option for helping dogs through problem behaviors.

If your dog is experiencing problem behaviors that need modification, we would suggest that you schedule an in-depth assessment where we can spend more quality time with you and your dog.
During an in-depth assessment, you will receive training tips with handouts that can help you manage the unwanted behaviors until we can work on solving them. Cost for a Behavior Consult (up to 90 minutes) $150.00 If you choose to enroll your dog into a boot camp program at the time of this assessment, this fee will be waived.

On occasion dogs have underlying medical issues that can create or attribute to problem behavior. We can help bridge the gap by offering our professional consulting services as a liaison between you and your
Veterinarian's office. Our goal is to help you find the solutions that work best for you and your dog. Working together with you and your Veterinarian's office in a team effort, we can help to create a proper program, specific to your dog. 

Reasons you may need us to communicate with your veterinarian:
You were referred to us by your veterinarian for a consult
During an assessment, or while in training with us, we may discover an issue that we feel should be addressed by a medical professional
Medication is necessary during your dog’s stay with us
Ongoing medical issues, your dog is currently under veterinary care
Providing your veterinarian written or oral reports of our findings
Consultation with veterinary/office staff over the phone or in person
Accompaning dog and/or owner to office visits/consults with veterinarian
Some examples of common medical issues that we have seen change behaviors in dogs are:
Anxiety and/or panic attacks
Allergies, including fungal (yeast infections)
Thyroid issues
Gastrointestinal issues - stress diarrhea, stomach sensitivities, etc.
Tooth Decay
Muscular, Nerve pain, Radiating pain, Myofascial pain syndrome (referred pain), & more
*Our consulting / liaison services are separate form other programs or services offered.
Contact our office (916) 238-4594 to inquire about this service and pricing.
Texting this number or emailing our office sacdogcentral, is the fastest way to connect with us.
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Anxiety levels - Separation / Shyness / Boldness / Suspicious / Worries / Sensitivities
Social abilities - Meeting other people / Meeting other dogs
Potty training - At home / Away from home
House training - Manners / Destructive scale
Aggression - People - Children, Adults / Animals / Dogs / Shares - Food / Toys / Other
Play with other dogs - Shy / Bold - Rough / Soft - Stops
Level of engagement - Motivation and reward values to the dog - Food sensitivities
Level of current training - If any; what type has the dog received - experience the owner has
Energy levels of: Dog / Family
Training dog for: Sports dog / Family pet / Other